Technology and Programming

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Oh Shit, Git!?!
Cool, but obscure unix tools
Tmux Cheat Sheet
Beautifully typeset and easily browsable man pages
Command-line Interface Guidelines


Online x86 emulator
WikiTI - Z80 Programming
MarkeyJester's Motorla 68000 Beginner's Tutorial


Wandbox - Online C/C compiler
Pre-defined C/C compiler macros
Simple Dynamic Strings library
Tips for Optimizing C/C Code
libdill: Strucuted Concurrency for C

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy

Pan Docs
GB Homebrew Hub
GBZ80 Opcode Map
WikiTI - Z80 Programming
CatSkull - How to make Gameboy Chipmusic
Official Game Boy Programming Manual v1.1
Emulating a GameBoy Cartridge with an STM32F4

Platform: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Aggregating Community Research (forum post)
MarkeyJester's Motorla 68000 Beginner's Tutorial
Mega Drive Development Wiki

Platform: Sega Saturn

Archived official Sega Saturn documentation and tools
RetroReversing - Saturn
Yabause Wiki
Sega Xtreme - SatDev
Jo Engine
InvisibleUp - Sega Saturn Notes
The Rockin'-B's Saturn Game Tutorial and Demo
Cyber Warrior X - Saturn Utilities
List of untranslated Sega Saturn games

Topic: Compression

NES Dev Wiki - Tile Compression
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Compression

Reverse Engineering

How to Hack an Expensive Camera and Not Get Killed by Your Wife
VB Sacred Tech Scroll - Virtual Boy Specifications
Mainframe Hacking CYOA

Game Development

Higher-Order Fun
Managore - m5x7 (font)
Lazy Foo - Beginning Game Programming w/ SDL
Generating Worlds with Wave Function Collapse
The Textbook of Video Game Logic, Vol. 1 (pdf, large)
Game Engine Black Books (DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D)

Hardware Design

Analog Oscilloscope Pong

Web Development

Font City hosted webfonts
Fork Awesome symbol webfonts
Easing Functions Cheat Sheet
Chart.js charting library


Mariteaux's Gopher Information Repository
Gemini Project Homepage

Health and Ergonomics

darebee - Hand stretches (Comic)
Jordan Maeve - Ulnar nerve/"Funny bone" care (Tweet thread)
Rama el Ligre - Hand stretches (Comic)


Online LaTeX math editor/previewer
Rust container cheat sheet
Writing system software: code comments
Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortan77
LunarLambda - A Best Effort Guide to Vim's Indentation Settings